CPC Training


We at IQ Driver Training are experienced training company.
We have been running for over 5 years with vast knowledge of the Public Service vehicle (PSV) industries and Road Haulage vehicle (HGV)


Our wealth of knowledge in all aspects of the industries gives us an edge over others.
As our experienced trainers are qualified OCR trainers with vast knowledge of being operators in the PSV and HGV sector

Our aim is not to bore you but to elevate your capability and train to your strength, our courses will engage you and make it interesting so the knowledge actually stays with you
This is a compulsory training for every commercial driver in the bus and road haulage sector
Every commercial driver must complete 35 hours training every 5 years in order to be able to driver a PSV or HGV vehicle in UK or Europe

The training is 7 hours a day and the courses covered under CPC training are:

  • Health and safety
  • Safe driving
  • Emergency first aid
  • Tachograph usage
  • Customer service
  • Fuel efficient driving
  • Disability awareness
  • Road Traffic Collision
  • Load Safety
  • Health and Safety
  • Safe Use of skip
  • Vehicle Roadworthiness
  • Fire Awareness
  • Manual Handling
  • Drivers Hours

And various other topics to enhance driver knowledge and welfare.

Transport Manager Refresher course PSV & HGV (2 DAYS)

DAY 1:
⦁ Transport Managers Responsibilities
⦁ Driver Hours
⦁ Working Time Regulations
⦁ Tachograph
⦁ Driver Licence and CPC
⦁ Operator compliance Risk Score (OCRS)
⦁ Operator Licensing

Day 2:
⦁ Effective Maintenance System
⦁ Loading Safely
⦁ Vehicle Weights & Dimensions
⦁ Transport Health & Safety
⦁ Traffic Regulations
⦁ Driver Management
⦁ The Roles of Enforcement Authorities

Due to current restrictions this training is conducted via Zoom until further notice as per government guidelines.

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