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Online Transport Training Courses


It is hard to look at Covid-19 and find much good news!


However, one of the few benefits has been the positive experiences many have enjoyed from using online platforms such as Zoom, Google meet and Microsoft Teams.


It has made many organisations reconsider how technology can improve their businesses, whether that be home working, online meetings or online delivery of their services.


Online training has increased candidate choice, reduced cost (financial and environmental) and in the case of our online Transport Manager and Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor Courses allowed far more content and learning options to be provided at a lower overall cost.


Necessity really has been the mother of invention.

Online Driver CPC Courses

Driver CPC Training was our first foray into the world of Zoom and online courses. It proved so popular that we now have a team dedicated specifically to the development and delivery of online courses


Drivers and Transport Managers have embraced it wholeheartedly and if the powers that be (JAUPT and DVSA) permit it as a delivery model post Covid will happily continue to attend online.

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