Our qualified PATs training which entails (CTA)

⦁ Roles of Passenger assistant (PA) in the vehicle
⦁ Passenger awareness and assistance
⦁ Assisting passengers on wheelchairs
⦁ Supervising young children and young people with special needs
⦁ Working with adults who require care and supervision
⦁ Safeguarding


We cover vast issues in this 2-day course.

Our practical training of safety and guidelines in strapping down wheelchairs and safe usage of lifts in vehicles

We can assure you after this course you or your staff will have a wealth of knowledge of the industry as our trainers are very experienced and will not just read of the slides but engage with students to enhance their knowledge

Midas Training (CTA)

⦁ Driver licensing
⦁ Walk-round checks
⦁ Reversing and manoeuvring
⦁ Minibus law
⦁ Fitness to drive

⦁ Breakdowns, collisions and emergency evacuation
⦁ Theory assessment – multiple choice.
⦁ Safely load and unload the wheelchair in your vehicle.
⦁ Secure and belts or harnesses
⦁ 45 Minutes driving assessment

In this course we asses driving ability’s so they can be trained in safe driving and customer awareness and comfort

This training also elevates their ability to drive vehicles with correct speed limits fuel efficiency and safety of other road users.

This also enables the reduction of road collision and protect the business and client reputation.

The driver is also trained and assed on the highway codes as well as their driving ability

The driver will then get a pass or fail based on their assessment

if they fail then further training will be provided until the assessor is satisfied with driver’s ability to drive and another assessment is carried out

(3 attempts are permitted on this course)

We at our training centre go over and beyond so you as a client are fully satisfied with our service and customer satisfaction

We work with school transportation local authority’s and the vast public

We do other courses also please find out for more information click for the page Up to here same page

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